training program

Yeah so I've to open for you this step-by-step training program To teach you what know, and what know make for me $ 300 per day at least So what you need to do? It's simple, just register under my referral link, get accepted and get my paid e-books for free & support via e-mail .
As you can see at the bellow some proofs ,  Like many members started from scratch I was broke but I was working hard and Now I Earn at least $ 100 per day:
so formula is: Idea + Action = Results

  Why I'm doing this? Why I'm going to help you?
Eh well, it's really simple, as much you earn, as much bonus I get. I'll get 5% bonus from your earnings.
No you won't lose 5% from your earnings, sharecash is offering us 5% for every referral earnings. For example you earn $1 and I'll earn $0.05. 

How much I've made from PPD sites at beginning?
In the first month earned $ 31
The second monthly results started to to appear sometimes $ 20 in a day and sometimes none.
But now you can say I have some experience.

What is my goal?
I want to bring 100 people using the step-by-step my ways earn them at least $ 10 per day

What I can guarantee you?
You'll make at least $10 per day.

How does this training program work ?
each method will earn you $ 50 per day from just one methods
I'll tell you how this works :
I explain in each ebook in a detailed to understand.
 I Will send you each ebook respectively
1.The first ebook when you register referral link
2.The second book, when you earn you first  $ 5
3.The third book when you earn the first $ 20
and so on .

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